Marylambs Maine Coon Cattery

PO Box 663 Kresgeville, PA 18333

(610) 681-6664

Mary Lambs Maine Coon Cattery is located in Kresgeville, Pennsylvania, nestled in the Pocono Mountains. They focus on breeding Maine Coon kittens known for their sociable and gentle nature, often described as "Gentle Giants" of the cat world. The cattery ensures that their Maine Coons are CFA registered and are raised as part of the family with ample space, emphasizing their health and well-being. Kittens from Mary Lambs are well-socialized, making them great with other pets and children, aligning with the Maine Coon's affectionate and people-oriented characteristics. The cattery is recognized for its high standards and the personal care they provide to each kitten​.

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