Kosmik Cattery

W6703 State Hwy 144, Random Lake, WI 53075A


(262) 339-8775

Located in Random Lake, Wisconsin, this breeder is known for their high standards in health and genetic testing. They contribute to local humane societies, veterinary businesses, and farms. The cattery supports TNR programs and provides free education. They ensure their kittens are well-socialized and come with a comprehensive care package, including vaccinations, grooming kits, and microchipping. Kosmik Cattery emphasizes responsible breeding, with a focus on health and temperament, ensuring that their kittens are free from genetic diseases and well-prepared for their new homes​.




https://twitter.com/KosmikCattery, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfD-4qVN1-8tGslIwVw10sA

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