Dream Acres Maine Coons

13441 S Hwy 13 Higginsville, MO


(816) 654-5994

Dream Acres Maine Coons is a family-run cattery located in the Midwest, specializing in Maine Coon cats. The cattery is CFA registered and focuses on providing love and care to all their cats, treating them as pets. The cattery operates within a spacious 3,500 sq. ft. home where the cats are well-acclimated to other pets and frequent interactions with children. They started breeding Maine Coons after the passing of their long-time cat, Pearl, and fell in love with the breed's personality and demeanor. The cattery offers kittens at prices starting at $2,000, with a detailed purchasing process to ensure the best fit for their kittens and new families​ (My Site)​​ (My Site)​​ (My Site)​​ (My Site)​​ (My Site)​​ (My Site)​.





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