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There are Maine Coon breeders in every city and state, but how do you know which are reputable, humane, and operated with real love? Maine Coon Finder helps you locate the best Maine Coon kittens for sale near you from passionate and caring catteries.

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Easily Find Maine Coon Kittens Near You

Looking for a CFA or TICA certified breeder offering well-adjusted and healthy pet-quality kittens for your family? Or perhaps show-quality Maine Coon kittens with a verifiable pedigree for cat shows or just spoil at home? We can help with that.

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Types of kittens

Large kittens

Size is not guaranteed, but some breeders specialize in large Maine Coon kittens who aim to get big!


Some catteries have polydactyl, also called “double pawed,” kittens with extra toes available.

Smoke patterns

Breeders may offer lovely smoke pattern kittens with silvery white fur tipped with any other color.

Silver patterns

Our breeders have silver Maine Coons with elegant stripes to tabby coats, that shine like moonbeams.


Multi-colored calico kittens with splashes of red, black, and white. Your lucky cat!

Pure white

For kittens with coat bright as fresh snow, check out pure white Maine Coon kittens.

Source Trusted Maine Coon Catteries

Avoid unscrupulous kitten mills or backyard breeders that just have profit in mind and not a cat’s best interest at heart. A Maine Coon kitten from one of these places potentially increases the likelihood of future health problems, having bad temperament, or development issue.

CFA Certified

The premier U.S. cat registry since 1906. The Cat Fanciers’ Association’s rigorous standards and cattery registry upholds quality bloodlines. Maine Con kittens from CFA certified catteries are champion stock primed for wellbeing.

TICA Certified

As the world’s largest genetic cat registry with an international presence, certification from The International Cat Association is a signal for reputable breeding. A TICA-registered breeder’s kittens start life with the best chance for a good future.


A multi generation pedigree chart proves ancestry and lineage, documenting that kittens come from Maine Coon bloodlines. For buyers, a pedigree provides assurance you’re getting a top-quality, purebred kitten.